There are many reasons that will make you surrender to Turtle Cay, besides its indisputable beauty.

1) To begin with, the exclusive 6 stars hotel will have 350 rooms with every amenity you can imagine for the most pleasurable and laid-back experience. The hotel will have a spectacular poolside for those who would rather enjoy a quiet evening, which can be accessed by both hotel guests and Turtle Cay residents. In addition, the hotel will be surrounded with virginal sands and calm breezes that will enhance your sense of delightfulness. The facilities are set to inaugurate in 2018.

2) Turtle Cay has an active, functional marina that offers full electricity, water and refueling services.

3) The Golf course, which is currently in a design phase, will have 18 holes, flourishing green hills and valleys, and a comforting ambient.

4) Exclusive clubs will be available for our residents, such as the Beach Club with endless pools and upscale restaurants, the Yacht Club and the Golfer’s Country Club.

5) Our residencies and apartments will be located nearby the Marina, which will be customized with private docks; a convenient feature for residents who own boats or yachts. The beach houses have been envisioned as an ergonomic and adequate concept for the beach, with abundant ventilation, right in front of the Caribbean Sea.

6) The project will also feature large commercial areas, filled with shopping districts, bars, mini markets, health stores, pharmacies, clinics, and fashionable restaurants that will include pizzerias and coffee shops.

7) Turtle Cay’s fruitful and lush vegetation will remain untouched, in order to provide a tropical and refreshing setting for our guests and residents to carry on outdoors’ activities, such as hiking and bird-sighting, as well Holaas to preserve Turtle Cay’s ecology.

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