Discover the casual elegance of this charming beach club that will entertain Turtle Cay property owners. Its 300m2 swimming pool is large enough to delight countless hours of fun for both children and adults just meters away from the Caribbean shores.

The beach club has an exclusive sea food international cuisine restaurant, that will cater owners and guest with tasteful dishes from our top chefs or you can enjoy our bar with traditional and regional drinks. Our restaurant will be the heart of entertainment with our very own stage, for regional dances and performances, specially during national holidays.

Another unique feature will be our individual cabanas ideal for romantic getaway dinners, enjoying special moments right in front of the stunning Caribbean sea and its natural surroundings.

La Palapa Beach Club also features a unique Spa to pamper everyone who needs a relaxing getaway from daily activities. Our services include:

Massage Therapies, Hydrotherapy treatments, Energy Therapies, Body Treatments, Facial Cleansers, Transformation Skin Care.

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